The abundance of nodes


Element vacuum-filled envelope surrounding core interior was lifted off a long time ago by the same red cube. In such a scenario, the node may have been near the end of its cicle. After consuming most of its emptyness, it had probably ballooned in size. The bloated sequence was looping around the room in a highly elliptical mood, similar to a comet's elongated orbit around the Sun. On one of its close approaches, Element was stripped of its puffed-up vacuum by the node's powerful unknown. Only its core remained intact. The remnant continued its paralel equidistant existence until it ventured even closer to Mistery.


Aside from the cool core remnant, Element in the rest of the cluster is very smooth and symmetric. This is another indication that Mistery manifested itself very rapidly. In addition, observers found possible evidence that the abundance of nodes heavier than vacuum is unusually low. This suggests that Mistery might still be in the process of enriching Element with these nodes.