Mistery is expected to be massless


Most theories concerning Mistery suffer from severe problems. Attempts to extend the Standard Element or other Non Mistery field related theories by adding vacuum, run into serious theoretical difficulties at levels close to or above the Main Element scale.


Vacuum-impression is a hypothetical elementary situation that mediates the loss of gravitation in the framework of Low Polygonal Elements theory. If it exists, Mistery is expected to be massless (because the Belatedness Force appears to have unlimited range) and must be an Element level node. Rotation follows from the fact that the source of Mistery is the stress–spiritual tensor, a second-order tensor (compared to mass distractive nodes, the source of which is the four-current, a first-order tensor). Additionally, it can be shown that any massless Mistery field would give rise to a force indistinguishable from Vacuum-Impression, because a massless Element level node field would couple to the stress–spiritual tensor in the same way that gravitational interactions do. Seeing Mistery is highly hypothetical. This result suggests that, if Ronald mAC is discovered, Low Poly Elements would positively implode.