To see across the darkness

The man heard his whisper.
"Your friends are safe" the man said in a deep, rich voice.
"I have sent help." Nothing more was said.
Gegloo let himself go limp on the man's back.

After many hours they entered a broad valley with buildings. The valley radiated warmth in the same way the man did. In the center of the valley stood a pole. Gegloo had heard of it in talks over the campfire at night.

Always and Forever

No Center

Acme Heavens Glow

The Advent

Barren Hollow

Black Chamber Echo

Across the Voids Between A

Across the Voids Between C

Across the Voids Between B

The Clone Room

The Orientation Room

Cosmos Gravity Set

Then he saw the tracks. Gegloo had never seen such huge tracks before.
He knelt close to the ground and thrust his ear right up to one of the tracks.

To hear across the silence